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  We are one of the leading and the most competitive supplier of High-end medical device manufacturers in China and around the world.
We have a long history in developing and producing SOFT PVC COMPOUNDS used for disposable blood transfusion, fluid infusion sets.
* We have more than 20-year experience in developing, producing, supplying high-quality products and providing good after-sale services.
* Our PVC compounds, made of the most excellent raw materials, have the highest quality in this industry.
* Our PVC compounds, made by the the intelligent batching system and double-layer extruding machines, have the most stable quality and the best subsequent adaptability to different uses. .
* Our PVC compounds, made in 100,000 grade clean workshops, are purely clean.
* Our PVC compounds, under the control of the most advanced producing and modern management process, have the stabler performance over others.
High-quality MEDICAL GRADE TUBES, produced of our best-quality compounds, which could be used in various medical treatment, are another best-seller product of our company.
We, Jiangsu Kaier High Polymer Materials Co., Ltd, China are located at No.9 Huashan Road, Gaoyou Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China.
We enjoy a very good transportation. We are 60min-drive to high-ways, railway stations and airports. Welcome to our company!


Meet the application requirements of various kinds of medical treatment.


DEHP PVC Compounds are the raw material of various disposable medical devices. The length of each granule is about 5mm with a diameter of about 3mm.
Our manufacturing process is managed under Chinese government standard GB 15593 and quality system ISO9001-2015.
DEHP PVC Compounds are used in producing medical devices. We can supply compounds with the hardness ranging from SH40A to SH100A according to customized requirements. Our PVC Compounds can be used for extruding, blow molding, injection molding and rolling production.


Our DEHP FREE PVC COMPOUNDS are green and safe , which ①satisfy the technical requirements for disposable medical PVC devices. ②have no need to replace any pieces of equipment in manufacturing. ③ meet the physical properties, chemical properties, biological compatibility under the government standard GB15593,YY/T1628-2019. ④meet the requirements of EN14372:2004 about the limit of 6P(DEHP). The plasticizer used for DEHP free PVC Compounds are as follows,
(5)Any other plasticizer specified by the customer


γ radiation sterilized PVC compounds can be used for various disposable PVC medical devices. After being sterilized by γ or βradiation, the γ radiation sterilized PVC compounds can still keep the molecular chains of PVC materials from breaking, yellowing and brittle, and the service cycle not being shortened.


MEDICALl GRADE PVC TUBES (Class I medical consumables), made of our PVC compounds, are acceptable for customization.
Our medical grade PVC tubes can be customized according to your requirements in length,diameter, thickness, color, and the hardness ranging from SH40A to SH80A.
All the PVC tubes meet the physical properties, chemical properties, biological compatibility under the government standard GB10010-2009.


Littleflower® PVC Compounds are controlled by GB15593 and GB16886, the date about physical properties, chemical properties, biological compatibility is as follows.

Inspection Standard GB15593  GB16886
Test Content Test Result
Physical properties Hardness(Shore A)  the normal value
Tensile Strength, MPa  ≥the normal value
Elongation at Break, %  ≥the normal value
Thermal stability at 180℃, min ≥40
Water absoption, % ≤0.2%
Chemical Properties Reduction Material
(0.02mol/LKMnO4 Consumption), ml/20mL)
PH Value(Contrast With Blank Liquid) ≤1.0
Color and lustre Qualified
Heavy Metal(μg/mL) ≤0.3
Zinc (Zn)(μg/mL) ≤0.4
Ultraviolet Absorption(230-360nm) ≤0.2
Alcohol  extract(DEHP)(mg/100mL) ≤15
Ash Content(mg/g) ≤1
Vinyl Chloride Monomer(μg/g) ≤1
Pyrogen commissioned inspection passed
Biologic Properties Hemotolysis commissioned inspection passed
Acute Systemic Toxicity commissioned inspection passed
Cytotoxicity commissioned inspection passed
Intradermal stimulation commissioned inspection passed
Skin Sensitization  commissioned inspection passed
Low temperature impact embrittlement
temprature(normal value)

Workshop & Equipments

More than twenty years of efforts, hundreds of clean production environment, the modern technology, intelligent batching system

Technical service

Advanced production technology, excellent product quality, meet the application requirements of various kinds of medical treatment.

Jiangsu Kaier High Polymer Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. We accumulated abundant experiences in medical compounds and tubes manufacturing, developing, customizing during the last 20 years. We provide the best medical PVC compounds, tubes and the best after-sale services. We are the best choice of any disposable medical devices manufacturers.
The R & D center- medical polymer engineering technological research center of Jiangsu province provides us strong support and guarantees the success of any products requirements and customization.
Every effort has being made to promote the products and services.
We are on the way!

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Welcome to our Company.

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